6 Advantages of Composite Decking
6 Advantages of Composite Decking

For a long time, conventional and exotic wood were the only two alternatives for homeowners erecting a deck. Composite decking is becoming more popular since it outperforms genuine timber planks. The creation of composite decking involves mixing wood fibers, recyclable polymers, and bonding chemicals, and it offers many benefits over conventional decks. Continue reading to discover more about these benefits.

1. Design Variety

If you want the appearance of a hardwood deck but want to avoid dealing with the upkeep, composites are a great option. Composite boards have a realistic wood grain pattern and look like expensive wood kinds.

While brown is a popular deck color, composites are also available in gray, red, black, silver, and other colors. This variety ensures you find the ideal design to complement or contrast exterior elements such as railings, furniture, and siding.

Because nails and screws are not used, certain types of composite decking have smooth surfaces. Furthermore, unlike a wood deck, composites do not require repainting to maintain aesthetics. A composite deck immediately improves your property’s curb appeal and value.

2. Enhanced Durability

Traditional decking is susceptible to severe weather, fading and warping under extreme heat and rain. Wood decks absorb water quickly without continual sealing, resulting in rotting, mold, and mildew development.

High-quality decking repels moisture and is resistant to fading, warping, and scratching. Some composites contain UV-resistant compounds, making them suitable for sunny environments.

You won’t have to worry about planter pots or spilt food and drinks ruining your deck planks. Additionally, composite decking discourages the colonization of wood-boring pests such as termites and carpenter ants.

3. Low Maintenance

Wood decks must be washed, stained, and sealed to maintain their appearance and prevent pest activity. This operation might take many days and may need the use of heavy instruments like power washers. You can spend more time maintaining your deck than enjoying it.

Composites have the natural beauty of wood yet need less maintenance. It would help to gently scrub the deck with dish soap and water only twice a year. If your family uses the deck often, it will need regular sweeping and cleaning, but unlike hardwood decks, it will not require repainting or sealing. Ask your contractor about no-fade colors when selecting composites to keep the deck looking fresh even after spills.

4. Increased Safety

People often go barefoot on decks. However, this may be hazardous on a hardwood deck. Due to temperature variations and moisture, wooden boards shatter over time. Splintering boards, which are tripping hazards, may cause cuts, scratches, and falls.

Composites are created by encasing wood fibers in plastic so they do not shatter even when exposed to harsh weather. As a result, your deck will be safe for children, dogs, visitors, and your family.

5. Long Lifespan

The average deck lasts 10 to 15 years, although composites may last up to 30. Maintenance is essential for building a deck that will endure for decades. Fortunately, composite decking requires minimal care and can last long.

The quality of installation also impacts the longevity of a deck, so work with an experienced and respected contractor with long-standing supplier ties. To ensure optimum performance, most composites come with extended warranties.

6. Eco-Friendly

Decks made of wood contribute to deforestation, which causes desertification, soil erosion, and a reduction in biodiversity. Because manufacturers use wood chips, sawdust, wood fibers, and other recycled wood pieces, composites are more environmentally friendly. Composite decking is also made from recycled plastics and other waste materials, so you may enjoy a beautiful deck while knowing that less damage was done to the environment.

Composites provide the beauty and appeal of genuine wood without the drawbacks. Wayne NJ Roofing creates decks from high-quality, low-maintenance materials. Call us immediately to revitalize your yard.