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Siding Installation

There are many siding installation services in Wayne NJ that homeowners can choose from. Siding is an important aspect of any home because it not only enhances the curb appeal but also helps with insulation and energy efficiency. Siding installation services offered by Wayne NJ Roofing company will help you get your new siding up on your house as quickly as possible and at a fair price. We offer high-quality workmanship to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their results for years to come!

A great-looking home is something that everyone wants. A well-maintained exterior not only makes your property look good but also helps to protect the interior of your home from weather and other environmental hazards. Siding installation services are a great way to improve the appearance of your home while increasing its value at the same time. The pros in Wayne NJ Roofing know what they’re doing when it comes to siding installation on homes, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

What are the benefits of new siding installation?

  • New siding installation is an affordable way to increase the value of your home – people will be more likely to buy your house if it looks nice on the outside 
  • New siding will protect your home from outside elements and reduce leaks
  • A new siding installation will protect your house from weather damage, such as water infiltration and termite infestation
  • You’ll save on heating bills by installing new siding because it reduces heat loss through walls and windows
  • There are many different types of siding materials available, such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum; you can find one that is durable and aesthetically pleasing for any type of budget
  • Installation is quick – most contractors will complete their work within 1-2 days and clean up after themselves so that there’s no mess left for you to clean up afterward
  • New siding installation is more durable than old materials and will last longer
  • You don’t have to worry about painting or staining new wood because it comes pre-stained with a variety of colors 

Which Siding Should You Choose For Your Home?

Nowadays you really have a choice in what type of covering to install on your home – vinyl or aluminum. Deciding between these materials can be difficult at best, especially if you know nothing about the benefits and drawbacks of each one. However, we do! Our team is here to help guide you along the way.

Wayne NJ Roofing can help you decide whether to replace your old – but still solid – tan or brown asphalt or cedar shingle siding on your house with aluminum, vinyl, composite materials. Some considerations would be the cost of removing old roofing material versus protecting it or matching existing colors.

  • Vinyl Siding

Numerous homeowners are still considering vinyl siding to be the best. It has many benefits that you’ll want to know about so say goodbye to the old way of thinking. Of course, there are a few who prefer other materials, but like everything else in life, it comes with its pros and cons. For now, we’re going to tell you why vinyl siding is your number one choice no matter what!

Pros: Vinyl can reduce outside noise because there is little or no flapping around when windy, which means less intrusive sound levels inside your home. In fact, having vinyl on the exterior protects from noisy neighbors since most complaints happen because people have their windows open while nearby construction occurs. Additionally, should hailstones start gathering weathered pieces of roofing shingle, vinyl will protect from this hazard.

Cons: Vinyl is not as durable as some other materials because it doesn’t last as long and can buckle easily in extreme weather conditions or when subjected to a strong force. Siding installation professionals have also found that over time the color may fade away due to exposure to sunlight and heat; so you’ll need to take care of it periodically by painting with specially designed paint.

  • Aluminum Siding

We know what you’re thinking – aluminum siding lasts forever! Well, no matter how everlasting one material seems there are always pros and cons associated with it. For instance, aluminum does offer many benefits such as being lightweight which makes for easy handling during installation without damaging your roof. It can be molded into many different colors and is also durable, which makes it a great choice for the exterior of your home!

Pros: Aluminum siding lasts much longer than vinyl because it doesn’t fade over time, but that’s not all – aluminum is easier to clean up after since you won’t have paint spills on your asphalt shingles or roof deck from rolling paint cans as often. Shingle rot is reduced by having aluminum installed because there are no rotting nails in contact with wood if they’re replaced every so often too; this means less water infiltration during rain events such as hurricanes. And lastly, aluminum resists insect damage better than other materials because pests don’t want to eat something metal-based.

Cons: Aluminum is not as lightweight to work with when installing, and oftentimes homeowners find that it costs more than vinyl. However, if you’re looking for material that will last the lifetime of your home then this could be just what you’ve been waiting for!

  • Composite Siding

The benefits are well-known among many homeowners these days because composite materials have only grown in popularity year after year. You might also see them referred to as vinyl board or polyurethane siding – either way, they offer loads of advantages over other traditional options. Now let’s talk about some of the features we love most about composite materials:

Pros: Composite can be created using recycled products which make each batch environmentally friendly since there’s no need to depend on virgin materials. Siding installation professionals recommend this type of material when it comes to an exterior application because it can be designed with different textures, colors, and shapes so you don’t have the same old house in your neighborhood anymore. And lastly, composite lasts longer than vinyl siding (typically up to 20 years) which makes them a solid investment for homeowners or builders looking for something that will still look great by the time they sell their property.

Cons: Composite is not as durable as aluminum, but if you’re willing to give up some durability then these are a perfect option!

Siding installation is a complex and time-consuming project that can be expensive for homeowners. If you’re looking to get your new siding up on your house as quickly as possible, we offer affordable rates and services so you don’t have to worry about it. We also do the work in an efficient manner, meaning less disruption for you during this process. For more information or to book with us today, please contact our Wayne NJ Roofing company at (862) 292-9892!