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Your Brief Guide to New Roof Inspections

You want to make sure that your newly installed roof will last years of weathering and stress once it has been placed. How can you be certain that your roof will protect your property without having a fresh roof inspection?

To make sure your replacement roof is sturdy and in good shape, you must get a new roof inspection. Regardless of how competent your roofing business is, a review is necessary to look for any errors or problems. In order to help you verify the caliber and stability of your new roof, let’s dive into new roof inspections.

Why Is It Important to Inspect New Roofs?

A new roof has to be inspected, despite the fact that you might believe it is ready to use right away. Even though you just paid for a roof installation by an expert, faults can still occur. When it comes to your new roof, it’s better to be as safe as you can in case of mistakes or oversights. A new roof inspection will look at the structural soundness of the new roof, enabling you to identify any critical faults before they worsen.

While a new roof inspection won’t need to search for wear, deterioration, or symptoms of aging, it will check for leaks and structural problems. It will keep you safe and enable you to make changes while your new roof is still covered by guarantee if you catch problems as soon as feasible. Additionally, if something goes wrong later, having a roof inspection report for your new roof can help you with an insurance claim. In order to prove that you are not to blame for the losses they are covering, insurance firms require you to provide documentation of inspections and repairs.

Regardless of how sure you are in your roofing crew, a new roof inspection is a terrific technique to verify the security of your roof so you can be sure it will last for years to come.

Checklist for New Roof Inspection

A keen eye and strong attention to detail are necessary when inspecting a new roof. A thorough roof inspection will start inside and work its way outside, checking all the roof problem areas as it goes. Here is a list of things to look for while inspecting a new roof:


Starting from the inside of the roof makes it simpler to identify underlying structural problems without having to climb up onto the roof. It’s also a great place to start looking for holes and leaks because it’s simpler to see sunlight and dripping water in the attic than it is to see them moving down into the house. What to look for during your inside roof inspection is listed below:

  • sunlight entering the attic
  • Water spills and drips around chimneys and vents
  • The sheathing on the roof has cracks.
  • moist areas or mold
  • frozen nails or wet insulation
  • Kitchen and bathroom exhaust vents as well as attic intake vents provide ventilation
  • Slippery decking
  • proper ventilation for roofs


Getting on top of the roof is required to inspect outside roof components, so be sure to call a professional. They can rapidly and fully inspect your roof thanks to their skills and equipment.

When inspecting an outside roof, the following things are looked for:

  • Clogged and damaged downspouts and gutters
  • A sagging roof
  • Cracks, splits, missing granules, and loose or missing shingles are examples of shingle problems.
  • Uncovered, dangling, or pop-off nails
  • Flashing that is corroded, rusted, broken, or absent
  • Fascia board rot
  • Chimney cracks
  • missing or broken caulk
  • siding in good condition

DIY Roof Inspection vs. Professional Roof Inspection

If you need a new roof inspected, you might need assistance choosing whether to conduct the inspection yourself or hire a professional.

Self-made Roofing Inspection

DIY roof inspections can save you money, but there is a high potential that you could get harmed or miss critical damage indicators. In the future, if you don’t notice a problem with your new roof, you might need to make an expensive repair that your warranty might not cover.

While you should delegate roof inspections to experts, you should nevertheless keep an eye on your roof’s appearance. Use a flashlight to safely inspect the interior of your roof, making note of any potential trouble spots. To check for any obvious problems on the outside of your roof, you can also stroll around your house.

Inspection by a professional

For homeowners who desire high-quality outcomes, professional inspections are excellent. While a professional inspection will cost more than a do-it-yourself inspection, you won’t have to put out the time and effort or take any unnecessary risks when inspecting your roof. An expert will also know what to check for better and can advise you on the best course of action to take if any roof damage is discovered.

What to Do if an Inspection of Your New Roof Failed?

If you recently installed a new roof that failed inspection, you can feel overwhelmed and puzzled. The last thing homeowners want to deal with is a failed inspection, yet it may happen. You’ll need to get in touch with your original roofing contractor for repairs if your roof fails a general inspection. The best course of action for you is to contact the roofer; reputable professionals will cooperate with you to resolve the issue, saving you time from having to look for more roofers.

Your roofer should assist you in getting your roof in peak condition after you have shown them the inspection results. You should be able to receive these corrective services at little to no cost if the issue is on their end. You should have your roof inspected again after this repair to be sure everything is genuinely fixed and safe.

Some roofers could be challenging to work with, even though a respectable roofing business will be understanding in the event of a problem with a new roof installation. You should check your contract first to make sure the warranty covers the required repairs. If the business disputes the repairs, you can then contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or engage an attorney to produce a letter reiterating their legal duty to make the necessary repairs.

Nobody wants their roof to fail an inspection since reliable roofers give your house their all and want you to live in a safe, secure property.

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