Damaged Roof? Here's How to File a Roof Repair Insurance Claim
Damaged Roof? Here’s How to File a Roof Repair Insurance Claim

Repairing a damaged roof can be expensive for a homeowner. Here’s how to submit a successful insurance claim for roof repair.

One of the main causes of roof damage in the US is hail. With 394,572 cases, New Jersey had the most hail damage claims from 2013 to 2015.


The last thing you want to do after suffering hail damage is spent a lot of money replacing your roof. You must be aware of the claims process if you have insurance for roof repair. Remember that repairs or replacements resulting from regular wear and tear are not covered by your policy.


The majority of plans provide coverage for losses brought on by hail, fire, vandalism, strong winds, tornadoes, and hurricanes. You can quickly register an insurance claim using the instructions in this post.


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Discover What Is Covered

To find out what is covered, it can be helpful to speak with your insurance company or agent. When handling insurance claims, insurance firms adopt varying strategies.


For instance, some will consider the age of your roof. In this situation, if the roof is less than ten years old, your insurance will pay the whole cost of repair or replacement. However, you will only receive compensation for the depreciated value if the roof is older than ten years.


Prior to the damage, wear and aging have built up in the item’s depreciated worth.


Regardless of the age of the roof, some policies will provide coverage up to the depreciated worth of the roof. Others will only pay for the portion of the roof that is damaged at the time of the claim. A supplementary coverage can be required to cover damages brought on by water damage.

Reading the policy and speaking with your roof repair insurance provider are the best ways to determine whether your damage is covered.

Examine the Damage

Examine the roof’s condition after the disaster that caused the damage has passed. You should get a roofing professional to take care of this for you. Most will provide you with a report of a professional inspection that you may submit along with the claim.


Even though your roof appears to be in good condition from the outside, the inside may have suffered serious damage. Such concealed defects might be found with the aid of a skilled specialist. Remember that certain insurance include deadlines for submitting claims.


As a result, after the time period has passed, you cannot make a claim for damage that you were unaware of. You can proceed with getting the inspection done once the tragedy has subsided and it is safe to do so. A qualified roofer will advise you of any problems that need immediate repair and provide quotes

Take Photographs

A great approach to recording the damage is by taking photos. Usually, the images are an addition to the roof inspection report. Additionally, it will be fantastic if you delegate this task to a knowledgeable roofer. Each image will come with a written explanation.


This makes it simple to comprehend the remedies you require and their potential price. In other circumstances, the damage might not be severe enough to justify making an insurance claim for roof repair.


In some circumstances, even if you engage with a chosen contractor, your insurance company may need to be informed about the damage. In the event that your deal fails, this helps to avert any problems.


Photograph the roof even after maintenance has been performed. Indicate the time and date on the images.

Speak with your insurance provider

You currently have all the necessary information and documentation to start the claim procedure. Make contact with your insurance provider and adhere to their claims process. Let them guide you through the procedure if you have any questions.


They will assign you a claim reference number and a cooperating agent. All paperwork, invoices, receipts, and estimations should be recorded.


Don’t put off filing the claim for too long. You can typically find all the information you require about making claims and deadlines in your insurance policy.


Your insurance will treat claims swiftly if the tragedy is widespread. Those with severe injuries will typically receive preference. A potential date for the agent to visit your home will be presented to you.


The realtor could want to perform a second inspection while they are visiting your house. If the damage is the result of regular wear and tear, they’re likely to deny the claim.


Send the claims adjuster the inspection report and repair cost estimates. You must wait for your claim to be processed before moving further with repairs or replacements.


Your insurer may refuse or approve the roof repair insurance claim after reviewing it. Even if they agree, you might think the sum offered i

Locate a Reputable Roofing Contractor

Finding a roofing contractor is then an option if you are happy with the price offered. Spend some time examining and speaking with several contractors. Discuss the damage with them and any potential repair alternatives they may have.


Request references if required. Keep in mind to always hire professional and insured roofers. Fly-by-night roofing businesses frequently approach homeowners after disasters and make alluring promises. Be wary of these businesses and constantly be on the lookout.


Request and compare roofing quotations from various businesses. Before providing you with an estimate, some might provide complimentary inspections.


Make sure to discuss with them the sum your insurance provider has agreed to pay for the work. Additionally, picking a contractor with insurance knowledge is beneficial.


To assist with the roof damage, several contractors use in-house claim adjusters.

Final Reflections on Roof Repair Insurance

It need not be difficult to handle a roof claim. The best course of action is to engage with a qualified roofing contractor. Remember that if a qualified roofer did not conduct the inspection, some insurance could not approve your claim.


Our specialists at Triumph Roofing and Construction can guide you through the claims procedure. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, we’ll take images of the “before” situation as well as the damage.


Additionally, our professionals will aid you with completing all required documentation. We’ll get to work on your repair or replacement after the claim is approved.


Do you have any inquiries regarding insurance claims for roof repairs? Please reach out to us if you need help from experts.