top 3 curb appeal trends in 2023
All The Rage: These Top 3 Curb Appeal Trends Are Captivating Homeowners in 2023

This year’s popular home exterior styles focus on what’s practical and long-lasting, not just what looks good. The Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) thinks more people will choose roofs that look nice and work well in 2023. This matches the rising interest in metal roofs in the United States and Canada, where people have realized the advantages of using these materials for a long time.

It’s not just about how things look – there’s a growing understanding of how important it is for the outside of a house to be tough and eco-friendly. As homeowners look for solutions that last, having a mix of style and usefulness makes homes look great nowadays. Contact Wayne NJ Roofing without delay. If any problems lead to a leaky roof or structural issues, we’ll offer you a complimentary estimate.

According to the MRA, The top three trends in residential metal roofing for 2023 are shown below.

Homeowners are Duped by the Ominous and Dramatic

Homeowners love the idea of having bold and dramatic metal roofs this year. They’re choosing dark colors, almost like midnight black, to make their homes stand out. It’s not just about the color, though – they’re also using metal for the sides of their houses, giving a modern and clean look.

These special dark roofs not only look good but also help save energy. They have special coatings that make them reflect sunlight, keeping the inside of the house cool and reducing electricity bills. And here’s a cool part – these roofs are really good in places where wildfires might happen because they’re made of a material that resists fire.

Imagine how amazing it looks when you pair this dark roof with a bright front door or colorful garden elements! It adds extra interest to how the house looks. So, when homeowners choose this dramatic trend, they’re not just making their houses look good; they’re also making them strong and long-lasting with metal roofing.

Allure Is the Big Deal This Year (of Anodized)

To make their homes look interesting, homeowners choose a special metal roof called anodized aluminum. It’s not just about the color – it’s about how the material is made. Anodized aluminum goes through a process using chemicals, giving the roof a deep, three-dimensional color that celebrates the natural shine of the metal.

What makes anodized aluminum special is how it’s made. Unlike painted roofs, anodized aluminum transforms into something super strong called aluminum oxide. This not only makes the roof look good but also makes it tough and resistant to damage. People who pick anodized aluminum get extra protection from rust, corrosion, and scratches, making it great for places near the coast where other materials might get damaged.

And here’s the cool part – anodized aluminum doesn’t just look nice; it shows that the homeowners care about having a roof that lasts a long time. It’s like a modern and strong choice that tells everyone in the neighborhood that their homes are not just pretty but also built to handle whatever comes their way. So, in 2023, the charm of anodized aluminum is all about mixing elegance and strength, making houses look amazing from the outside.

Forget Boring: Combinations That Mix and Match Appeal to Homeowners

In 2023, people are excited about metal roofs because they’re not sticking to boring designs. Homeowners want to be creative and make their homes stand out. They’re saying “goodbye” to dull and choosing a fun mix-and-match style. You can pick from many colors, patterns, and designs with metal.

Metal is a great material because it can be used in different ways, like stamped or stone-coated, and comes in many colors. This trend is not just about the roof; it’s also about using metal for special parts like dormers, porches, turrets, and outbuildings. This makes the outside of the house look interesting and lets homeowners be creative with how they express themselves.

People are even mixing in different types of metal, like copper, to make their homes look unique. And the best part? It doesn’t have to be expensive – homeowners can make their houses look cool without spending too much money. Metal roofing is flexible, letting homeowners create a look that fits their style and how their house is built.

By following this trend, homeowners are not just picking a roof but creating an outside look that shows who they are. The mix-and-match style in 2023 is breaking the rules of what homes should look like, proving there’s no limit to being creative regarding metal roofing. It’s a way for each homeowner to tell their own special story through their chosen metal elements.